Why own a cat?

What’s So Great About Cats? (Everything!)

Having a pet simply makes you feel good. When you open your heart and your home to a companion animal, your body actually goes through a physical change that brightens your mood and reduces stress, which in turn leads to improved health. And cat lovers agree – cats are the very best furry friends you can have!

Compared to other pets (like dogs), cats are pretty low-maintenance:

  • They do their business in a box, not the backyard.
  • They won’t dig up your garden or chew up your shoes.
  • They don’t bark and annoy the neighbors (or you).
  • They groom themselves, and they do it well.
  • They don’t need to be walked (in fact, they don’t like it).
  • They’re independent; they don’t freak out (and they won’t suffer) if you’re gone all day.

Cats are also really good for your health:

  • They help reduce stress (just TRY not to be calm after a simple petting session!)
  • They can decrease your risk of stroke, in part because they’re so low-maintenance.
  • They help lower blood pressure due to their calm nature.

Cats are good for YOU:*

  • The calming effect of having a cat triggers the release of oxytocin, the hormone known for inducing feelings of love and trust.
  • People going through difficult times of grief or mourning report that talking to their pet helps work out their feelings, since they won’t judge you and can’t respond (at least not in the way a human can).
  • Cats increase your sociability. When you have a cat, you have a natural conversation starter. One study revealed that women were more attracted to men who had cats because it suggests sensitivity and intelligence.
  • Having cats in the home reduces feelings of loneliness. Though cats are often known for their independence, the bond between a cat and its owner reinforces companionship.